Links to Educational Emails

Often during the "Covid Era", Justice and Peace Committee members have prepared emails on various subjects, sent to OLL Parishioners and linked to in the OLL School's Parent Newsletter. Here are some of them:

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  • 4/1/20 Creation Care on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2020:We Can Make a Difference Together: 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

  • 4/7/20 Enjoy the Birds in Your Own Backyard

  • 4/21/20 Fantastic Earth Day Opportunities including NE Seattle Tree Walks!

  • 4/27/20 Each Care Close to Home

  • 5/3/20 Volunteering and Donating during COVID-19

  • 5/6/20 Perspectives on Peace During the Month of May: Mary Queen of Peace and Mother's Day and Peacemaking

  • 5/13/20 Cultivating Inner Peace

  • 5/20/20 Memorial Day and the Peace Rose

  • 5/27/20 LivingPeace in the World

  • 6/3/20 Nurturing Family during the time of Coronavirus: Family, Community and Participation

  • 6/10/20 Living Catholic Social Teaching: Building Anti-racism into our families

  • 6/17/20 Nurturing Family, by Joan Cole Duffell & Anti-racism Resources

  • 6/24/20 Nurturing Family - Understanding Racism & Anti-racism Resources

  • 7/1/20 Sharing the June 25 Candlelight Vigil for Those Lost to Racism

  • 7/15/20 Lifting Up Truth, and OLL Membership in the Kairos Puget Sound Coalition

  • 8/5/20 A Somber 75th Anniversary: 75 Years of Nuclear Weapons

  • 5/16/21 Being Catholic Peacemakers: Peace and Justice in Israel and Palestine

    Links and Resources

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